Halters are designed to help catch, hold, lead and tie horses and ponies. They are nothing else. Every horse should have its own halter correctly sized and adiusted to fit.
Halters come in many styles and in many materials of varying quality.
Halters are having Plastic fittings.
Halters are washable.

• High strength Polymer Fittings
• Rust Proof to last lifetime
• No troubles of Plaiting & Finish
• Better Strength than Metal Hardware
• Light Weight & Durable
• Many Shade options to match webbings
• Option of Moulded Name Branding

Why Viraj Halters?

• Very Economic Pricing
• Easv Machine Wash
• No Rusting problems
• No Colour Loss after Washing/UV Lights
• Very Soft & Comfortable
• Double Thick Premium Web for Unmatched Quality
• Triple Thick Cheek Strap
• Rolled Throat Latch for Comfort
• Panic Snap for Quick & Easy Release
• All Cuts are not toching coat to avoid irritation
• Options of Multi Colour & Various Designs
• Buckle Collars are looped through the O-Ring
• Unique Placement of O-Ring removes stress on Buckles
• Premium materials combined with best Craftsmanship